Alella Green Tech

Family Oriented Product Show Case & IOT Innovation Center

Green Tech Activities Center

A place for families to interact with nature and learn about beneficial technologies

Real world Product Showcase

A working farm and vineyard where inventors and innovative companies create or display their products

IOT and Maker Lab

An incubator for new Internet of Things and renewable energy products. A non profit foundation to help future generations have the necessary tools to fix the planet

Making Wine – the old way and IOT way!

Come have fun with activities in nature and get your hands dirty during our green open days.
Help pick grapes, make wine, plant veggies, build tree houses, operate toy tractors, learn to make pizza and play in our farm environment

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Farmbot Robotic Gardener – emerging tech

Build your prototype or show off your emerging technology in a real world environment. We have decades of experience helping projects get traction

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Water efficient farming automation

Visitors experience the latest technologies and methodologies in sustainable farming and gardening. There are several different areas to teach different skills. The farm has olive trees, stone fruits, a vineyard and several vegetable growing areas. Farming robotics, smart sensors and automation are the keystones of our experimentation.

Join an IOT farming, energy or wine making project

A Non Profit Foundation To Help Planet Earth

For visitors and volunteers we provide a fascinating, interactive experience where you can see green tech products in action and get your hands dirty helping out.

For emerging and early stage Green Tech companies we provide a launch pad for Europe and resources to hone and showcase your products

For investors that want to make a difference we deliver meaningful verified opportunities and a place for our chosen emerging companies to get exposure

An innovation center to help promising companies and technologies make the difference

Technology has enabled mankind to deeply scar our planet but now it can save us.

AGT helps youngsters interact with nature and learn to appreciate and love nature. We help them tool up with near forgotten ancient skills and the cutting edge high technology they´ll need to improve the planet where our generations have failed it.


Alela Green Tech is active on a number of projects

Water management for small farmers. Via flow rate, humidity, PH and other parameter monitoring, we can provide and easy to use accurate dashboard for water management of micro farmers and vineyards.

Natural resources key parameter research and data collection.

Alella Green Tech is installing LoRaWAN gateways in the Maresme region of spain. Smart sensors collect key data which is stored in collaborative public databases. This leads to better management and forecasting of fire, flood and disease.

Leading the way in water retention and soil refertilization. AGT wants to be a proving ground for the reestablishment of age old soil fertilization techniques. By capturing water and helping it penetrate our soil – instead of flowing to the ocean – we´ll transform a semi arid area into a fertile one.

IOT wine making. Alella Green Tech wants to give vineyard growers and winemakers the monitoring and automation tools which can can save them time and money. We´ll be analyzing existing products and innovating where we see there is a need. Come and help with the 2021 harvest and come back later to try the IOT wine!

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