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Alella Green Tech A Non-Profit Foundation To Help Planet Earth

Helping Kids and Technology Save Planet Earth

A working farm and vineyard where inventors and innovative companies create or display their innovative products.

Family oriented activities centre

A place for families to interact with nature & learn about beneficial technologies: water management, efficient agriculture & more

Smart farming, IoT and Maker Lab

An incubator for new Internet of Things and renewable energy products. Let's help future generations have the tools to fix the planet

Natural resources key parameter research & data collection

Alella Green Tech is installing LoRaWAN gateways in the Maresme region of Spain. Smart sensors collect key data which is stored in collaborative public databases. This leads to better management and forecasting of fire, flood and disease.

Leading the way in water retention and soil refertilization

We want to be a proving ground for the reestablishment of age old soil fertilization techniques. By capturing water and helping it penetrate our soil – instead of flowing to the ocean – we'll transform a semi arid area into a fertile one.

Modern wine making with Internet of Things way

Alella Green Tech wants to give vineyard growers and winemakers the monitoring and automation tools which can can save them time and money. We'll be analyzing existing products and innovating where we see there is a need.

How to Find Us

Visit our sunny green technology center in Alella and spend a wonderful time with in nature! Cami Baix de Tiana 18, Alella. Opposite Sistres Tennis. Follow the dirt road between #2 and #4. See you!

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