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Alella Green Tech A Non-Profit Foundation To Help Planet Earth

Technology To Empower Farmers & The Next Generation of Green-Minded Innovators

Alella Green Tech Charitable Foundation (AGT) is a green technology R&D center, product showcase, and community hub. We are the developers or WEASY - Water Made Easy - an IOT water management system for small producers. We also work to inspire young people to appreciate and learn about nature, sustainable agriculture, and beneficial technologies. Undergraduate, Master's and PhD students from across the globe come to our green tech center to gain hands-on technical experience and conduct research for their theses or specialized projects whilst younger children come to visit with their school or family to get inspired and have fun.
Farmbot Alella Green Tech workshop

Real-world interactive showcase for promising sustainability products and technologies

Alella Green Tech Center is a hub for eco-friendly innovation. We offer inventors and cutting-edge companies a space to test, showcase, and promote their groundbreaking products and solutions, with a focus on sustainability. Join AGT in creating a sustainable future for generations to come.

Alella Green Tech Wine Yard

Collaborative ideas of Smart-Farming Innovation Lab and Internet of Things Think Tank

Explore nature, innovation, and sustainability at our interactive education center for families in beautiful Alella. Connect with innovative technologies and learn about sustainable practices such as water management, efficient agriculture, and renewable energy solutions for a better future.

Farmbot Alella Green Tech workshop

Engaging and educational family-oriented activities center promoting sustainability and innovation

Immerse yourself in nature, innovation, and sustainability at our captivating family oriented center, located in the stunning Alella. Experience cutting-edge technologies firsthand and explore the transformative world of Internet of Things, renewable energy breakthroughs, and big data utilization for a more sustainable and promising tomorrow.

Developing affordable software tools for local and global decision-making and trend analysis

Alella Green Tech is deploying LoRaWAN gateways in the Maresme region in Spain, providing cost-free communication in areas where 5G is inaccessible and WiFi installation is impractical. Smart sensors gather vital data, which is stored in collaborative public databases. This enables AI systems to deliver valuable trend analysis and forecasting insights.

Continuously discovering pioneering advancements in water conservation and soil revitalization

Our objective is to act as a testing site for the resurgence of traditional soil enrichment techniques. By capturing water and facilitating its absorption into the soil instead of allowing surface flow to the ocean, we aim to transform semi-arid areas into thriving landscapes, promoting sustainability, ecological balance and biodiversity.

Experience the fusion of classical and modern winemaking, enhanced by smart sensors and Internet of Things

Alella Green Tech is dedicated to providing vineyard growers and winemakers with important monitoring and automation tools that streamline their operations. By offering efficient and cost-effective solutions, we aim to revolutionize the industry, ultimately saving time and money while maintaining the standards of quality and sustainability in winemaking.

How Alella Green Tech works

Alella Green Tech focuses on young families and students to increase awareness of our natural resources, micro-farming, wine making and related sustainable technologies and processes. We believe that by giving access and training to the very young, we can complement what is taught in schools and universities ensuring that future generations have all the tools and motivation they need to tackle the critical challenges confronting our world today and tomorrow.

Access to Farm Lands and Technology

At Alella Green Tech, we provide mentored access to farm lands, vineyards, gardens, and cutting-edge technology products and laboratories. Our center offers engaging and educational activities to the public, promoting collaboration and innovation.

Inspiring Sustainability Through Events & Open Day Activities

We host open days, discussion sessions, and activities to build a sense of community and encourage involvement in sustainable practices. At Alella Green Tech, we believe in providing opportunities for individuals to come together, learn, and potentially find solutions.

Education and Training in IoT and Agriculture

Our center offers training, workshops, consulting, and internships in the field of Internet of Things for agriculture and natural resources. We are dedicated to equipping individuals with the skills and knowledge necessary to thrive in the industry.

Free Data Collection and Trend Analysis

At AGT, we have created a free data collection network and database covering the Maresme region. We assist authorities in understanding important trends and local farmers in managing their land. The resource data collected is sent to international databases for global and local trend analysis and decision support.

Visit our R&D technology center in Alella

Enjoy the countryside and time with nature just 15 minutes from Barcelona! Be amazed at the high tech systems - and the age old methodologies we are rediscovering. Contact us at to plan a visit. See you!