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Marvin Rieger

My name is Marvin Rieger and I am a student from Germany. I study sustainable engineering which is a mix of electrical and mechanical engineering with the focus on renewable energies. As part of my studies I had to complete a practical term for 20 weeks.

Mattia Alzapiedi

Hi readers! My name is Mattia Alzapiedi and I am an Italian mechanical engineer, I was at Alella Green Tech in August 2021. During my stay I carried out a synthetic energy analysis relating to electrical and thermal consumption, possible sources of production..

Tom Rozier

My name is Tom Rozier and I am a French student in energetics and mechanical engineering. I spent a month at Alella Green Tech in June 2022 as a volunteer. During my stay, I have been put into a beautiful global project: the creation of a self-powered property where an entire family..

Alexandre Leclaire & Alexandre Hercouet

The aim of the project is to create football goals for a personal football field. These goals should be movable, and should remain discreet, as they will be in a natural environment with greenery. The requirements for this project are explained in the following.

Leticia Mijolaro Sartori

I spent a month on the farm. I had the opportunity to help with were watering the plants, building a mud hut, a kitchen cupboard, and a chicken coop, planting lavender, pumpkins, and melons, managing the sheep, helping to organize a children’s event and..

Ayur Pulle

My main project was the development of a hydroelectric source of power. Together with Frederick, a German scientist who works on renewable technology, we performed calculations for the design of a Pelton Turbine. The plan is to use the pond shown above as a natural battery..

Katrin Leinweber

One upon a time, there was a plot of land at the Catalan Mediterranean coast. It was situated on a North slope approx. 100m above sea level. Its half-funnel topology and serpentine dirt road lead to rainwater run-off. Drought and sheep grazing had additionally caused noticeable soil erosion risks.

Gabi Wolfe & Mia Bowles

This internship consisted of an eleven week program at Alella Green Tech focusing on how to create more sustainable agriculture and farming practices. One major focus of this internship involved the..

Naoki Hashimoto

One of the most notable projects I worked on was the Pelton Wheel project. The aim was to design and engineer three different water wheels for energy generation and demonstration purposes for visitors. Alongside my college mentor, I developed a graphical user interface (GUI) to simulate the water wheel, which can be utilized by engineers worldwide

Lauren Daniels

This summer I delved into designing a simulation tool that would help small farms use water wheel technology. Alongside my work, I had the chance to unwind and explore the beautiful surroundings of Barcelona, making this summer an unforgettable experience.