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Creating an educational system with a robot – Vanessa Egger

Hey, This is Vanessa Egger and I am studying environmental education.

Let’s talk about the FarmBot (farm roboter). He is mounted to a raised garden bed where all kinds of plants can be grown. I started to implement an educational system with this robot. In the beginning I made myself familiar with the FarmBot and learned the functions. Then I thought about possible workshop programs that schools can book to work with the robot. The goal of this educational programs is to gain the interest of the students in programming and gardening. Nowadays many young people, especially the ones who live in big cities, have very little connection to nature. This farm robot can attract their attention, because a lot of them are fond of new technologies. Furthermore, learning programming and robotics is a part of most current curricula. So it’s a good way to practice the gained knowledge on a real robot. At the same time the students spend time outside in nature, on a farm, and the connection to nature can be strengthened.

The programs have different levels of difficulty so it can be adapted to the respective grades. In these programs the students get to know the robot, learn basics about programming and gardening and can try it out themselves. In the easy programs block-programming is used and in the advanced ones the code is written with the programming language Lua. The whole robot is open source so the students can design and build new tools. It’s a perfect opportunity for young learners to improve their creative thinking and problem-solving skills.

To have more flexibility it’s also possible to use the robot through distant learning because the robot has a Web App and it can be controlled from everywhere. The FarmBot can take pictures of the plants so the students see the progress. Multiple schools can use this robot because the field can be divided into several areas.

If you are interested in coming to Alella Green Tech with your students or want to use it over the distance you are very welcome to contact us.