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Alella Green Tech Farmbot Gardening Robot

Green Tech Open House

March 25 – Wanna Be a Green Tech Robotics Instructor?

*OPEN HOUSE SESSIONS are at various times to fit your schedule*

With help from many great volunteers, we built a Genesis XL from a kit by FarmBot in California.

It is fitted with weed detection camera, and other cameras we have added. We plan to add lots of improvements and enhancements to work with our IOT smart farming concept. (The robot is rather V1.0 so it requires handy, maker type people to keep it running smoothly.)

Farmbot Alella Green Tech workshop
Farmbot Alella Green Tech workshop
Farmbot Alella Green Tech workshop

Now we want to help kids learn about using this great tool out here where nature is still strong — or remotely wherever they are. We plan to engage schools – remote or local – so that kids can grow vegetables and learn about 3D printing, programming, and the science behind nature. Our hope is that if we pass on our knowledge, one day one or more kids will use their knowledge to help/save planet Earth!

We are looking for a few teachers/instructors who will be passionate about gardening and farming robotics and will run live workshops and online courses. You can focus on the aspects you know best – beit gardening or programing or mechanics or3D printing, and learn the rest as you go along. Of course we will provide training for you as needed.

Alella Green Tech Farmbot
Alella Green Tech Farmbot

We are a charitable foundation and aim to provide learning for free to those that need it – and to charge others who can afford it. Think of us as the Robin Hoods of Green Tech!

I hope you´ll consider getting involved. You will enrich yourself and others with your knowledge and sharing and you will have a great time doing it. Please see a blog left by Marvin, our last robot volunteer who is now back at University.

Time commitment? Whatever you can handle. We do need one lead person that can manage the program and many others that can work remotely whenever they can fit it in, or come to Can Picard to run workshops if they prefer. So your participation can fit your schedule. You can expect your expenses to be reimbursed whenever we do paid courses and you´ll be greatly rewarded in other ways – at least by super meals at our pizza & bbq techlounge – when we do free sessions.

How to find us

Jump on the E19 bus from Gran Via to Alella or come by car. The bus takes about 20 minutes and there is a 10 minute walk to the farm after that. Free parking