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Alella Green Tech lambs

Twins! Come visit our new born lambs

March 5 – Visit our new born lambs & our newly hatched farming robot

We are celebrating the recent birth of the cutest lambs twins AND hosting an introduction to our awesome robotic gardener which is not as cute but a very natural way for kids to be in nature and learn all about robotics, coding and 3D printing.

Kids can feed the sheep and we may even host a special expedition to see hundreds of frogs laying eggs at our beautiful water reservoir.

Alella Green Tech farmbot
Alella Green Tech water reservoir

Something for thirsty parents too. We are about to bottle this year´s wine vintage so please come taste LAST YEAR´s wine and get primed for our harvest event coming up in September!

Come for the Lambs and Robots Stay for the Make your Own Pizza! Starting at 13:30 we´ll be letting people make their own pizza and cook it in our woodfire oven. A fun time for the whole family! This is a separate event which you can pre-join or sign up for separately.

Can Picard Alella wines
Pizza Can Picard

How it works

Jump on the E19 bus from Gran Via to Alella or come by car. The bus takes about 20 minutes and there is a 10 minute walk to the farm after that. Free parking

There is an 10EUR charge for adults and kids for the lambs and Robot event. We are a charitable foundation and the money we make with this fundraiser helps keep us running and plan free activities for local children, and expand our mission.

Please attend HERE, and we will pass you a whatsapp link for last minute organization and will send you directions. See you soon!