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The FarmBot Story continues – Vanessa Egger

Hello guys,

My name is Vanessa Egger and I did an internship at Alella Green Tech. I was working with the FarmBot and here’s how it went:

First, I harvested all the vegetables and removed the plants. It’s especially difficult to remove the grass because it has really long roots. (It probably has seven lives like cats 😀 )

Then I planted the new plants with Andrei (manually). We planted lots of onions and spinach. Little tip: If you plant the plants by hand, they need to be in perfectly aligned rows. In our situation, this was not entirely the case, so I needed a lot of time to align the plants in such a way that they would fit with the plant grid in the Web App. Another good thing to know is that you can only make a grid in the Web App with less than 100 plants. (So if you have more, you need to make several grids.)

I also started to cover the robot parts. It’s important to make sure that the movements of the robot are still possible and that the water pipes are tight. I added the cover and then the water pipe broke (at the thing that connects the 2 pipes), so I had to remove it again. After it was fixed I put the cover again and guess what? It broke again. So it had to secure it with another tool. This time it worked and I put some covers on both sides of the water pipe connector. I also covered the cable parts behind the control box and I closed the holes in the box (where the cables go in) so that animals can’t get in.

In the Web App desktop version I had a problem with the controls bar (where you see the current coordinates). It happened to me when a job couldn’t be done fully and the Web App shows the Jobs and Logs bar at the top. I didn’t find the controls bar so I couldn’t manually move the robot. I tried to find a solution in the FarmBot community but I didn’t find anything. By chance I found out that the controls bar is sometimes hidden behind the Jobs and Logs. I made the whole window of the Search engine smaller and then it suddenly appeared. So I’m guessing this happened because they adapted the design to mobile versions.