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Farming Goes Digital

WEASY V1.0 – ESSENTIAL Water Management for Farmers

With the advent of climate change, farmers, vineyards, and landowners must become extremely water-efficient and make well-informed decisions about the use of their  land. Water monitoring solutions already exist but they are expensive and proprietary. Alella Green Tech, a non-profit R&D product developer, is teaming up with visionary private companies from diverse industries to bring effective water management to even the smallest, and most cash poor, farmers, vineyards and land owners.  Our goal is to give a free or very inexpensive way to manage water to those that need it most – and can afford it least.  We are facing a water crisis: inexpensive effective and quickly deployed solutions are vital. Alella Green Tech sees this as its mission.

Water Management Made Easy

WEASY is a simple, yet effective, water management software & hardware tool  that  provides an accurate overview of the user´s water situation so that smart decisions about planting and watering can confidently be taken.

WEASY is entirely an open source, non-proprietary and inexpensive technology to meter water collection, consumption and reserves for any property.  The system supports accurate local decision making and  will relay this essential localized data to global governmental agencies for global trend analysis, forecasting, and decision-making in the fight against climate change.

Alella Green Tech´s WEASY links local water usage information with broader-scale initiatives. We contribute to the creation of environmentally responsible systems both on a small local scale and globally.

We strive to keep the cost of WEASY and related infrastructure as near to zero as possible for our users.  Micro farmers, small vineyards and landowners are sponsored, whenever possible, by corporate entities that want to lower their carbon footprint and contribute to sustainability both locally and globally.  We are talking to a number of visionary companies that want to lead the way by sponsoring the digital transformation of micro farmers and similar producers.

Companies, both large and small,  can make a direct, effective and decisive contribution to ensure the survival of local farmers. Please contact us at if you want your organization to join our sustainability drive and sponsor local farmers in your area as they strive to update their workflow to become more efficient, providers of key agricultural data and part of the global community.