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Alella Green Tech energy system

My work on sustainable energy grid at AGT – Mattia Alzapiedi from Italy

Hi readers! My name is Mattia Alzapiedi and I am an Italian mechanical engineer, I was at Alella Green Tech in August 2021. During my stay I carried out a synthetic energy analysis relating to electrical and thermal consumption, possible sources of production from renewable sources and installable energy accumulations that could work in synergy with renewable sources.

At Alella Green Tech they are trying to create an almost completely autonomous energy network that combines the energy produced from renewable sources to accumulate energy, necessary to increase the flexibility of the network.


Alella Green Tech Energy System

More details on Alella Green Tech energy system here


Most of the energy for this network can be generated by photovoltaic panels that can take advantage of the solar radiation of the area of Alella. The photovoltaic panels can also be flanked by small wind turbines.

An energy storage system, already partially implemented, will consist of a water system that will exploit the potential energy contained in a reservoir; this lake can be filled using the energy produced in surplus from renewable sources and can be used to produce electricity, using a turbine, when the internal energy grid will require it.
Another possible accumulation can be realized using an abandoned well; in this well can be realized a system that allows to accumulate and to release potential energy thanks to a mass that is raised or lowered according to the necessities.

At Alella Green Tech, the energy grid project is fascinating and ambitious; in particular, the sizing of production and storage facilities and the implementation of the network control system are extremely important challenges, not only in the local context but also in the context of the energy transition that is being sought at a global level.

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