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(May 22) Spring BBQ
Join us at Can Picard in Alella to kick off Spring 2022, raise funds for Ukraine, and enjoy good food and great company whilst our kids go wild with fun activities and educational mini workshops!
Think of it as a summer fair. Local people will demonstrate their skills – from sheep shearing, to making honey, to how to throw a boomerang or frisbee, to how to solve the Rubik ́s cube!
Kids will roll their own pizza for the wood-fire oven whilst adults try local wines from several wineries from Alella and BFIS parents.

Events & Workshops

Roll you own pizza
Kids football
Sprinkler dodging
How honey is collected
Sheep shearing
Visit robot gardener
Frisbee golf
Model Airplane launching competition
IoT for Gardening
12V tractor rides
Decorating biodegradable vases


May 22nd. 12pm – 18pm+


Cami Baix de Tiana 18, Alella. Opposite Sistres Tennis. Follow the dirt road between #2 and #4. Google maps – link here.


This is a charity event. All proceeds go to help Ukrainian families. The costs are donated by Alella Green Tech Foundation. We will have an easy payment link or you can use cash. We ask that you make a small donation on arrival and then, like in any summer fair, you pay as you go for activities, workshops etc.


Please bring drinks, salad or dessert for many people. Lots of very local wine available – we will have a top selection for sale from the Alella wineries!


We will provide pizza (kids can join the “roll your own” workshop) and vegan burgers. We can cook up whatever meat anyone happens to bring on the Argentinian BBQ. BYOM (bring your own meat…if you don’t want pizza/veg burgers). The burgers are amazing: they taste just like meat but they are healthy!


Parents drink eat and be merry whilst children go from activity to mini-workshop to demonstration and back to the natural grass play field. We’ll show off local skills, produce and animals! Think of it as a summer fair. Parents buy tokens for activities – all proceeds go to helping Ukraine families.


There will be lots to choose from!
Kid’s football, frisbee & plenty of running around on the natural grass field. Visit the sheep, learn how to hunt for treasure, make honey, solve a Rubik’s cube etc. Checkout our children’s garden patches, solar energy demo and robotic farmer. Lots more activities for kids.


Run your own 15 minute workshop or demonstration or help with one that is planned! Put your skills or company under the spotlight. You can volunteer in the form below.
See our web to read all about our community & green tech R&D center. This is going to be a fun event for the whole family to kick off Spring!
Let’s help Ukraine!!