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Alella Green Tech

My work on renewable energy – Ayur Pulle

Hi everyone!


My name is Ayur Pulle. I am a gap year student going to study physics next year, and in May 2023 I was a volunteer/intern at Alella Green Tech.


Martin was very welcoming when I arrived, and for a few days I just walked around and looked at the various interesting things going on at the farm, from the Farmbot to the sheep.


My main project was the development of a hydroelectric source of power. Together with Frederick, a German scientist who works on renewable technology, we performed calculations for the design of a Pelton Turbine. The plan is to use the pond shown above as a natural battery, using the potential energy of the water as it flows down to spin a turbine. This turbine is attached to a motor/generator, and you have electricity! We planned to have two different turbines, one very large one that shows the principles of hydroelectric power, and a smaller one that spins a lot faster and produces energy efficiently.


Unfortunately I was not there to see the turbine built, but I am sure that another intern will pick up where we left off and see it completed.


Alongside this, there were other small tasks to do. Midway through my stay we got some chickens, and we built them a coop to keep out any predators. It was cool to see how fast the small chicks grow.


Overall, I would say my stay at Alella Green Tech was a lot of fun, and I would definitely recommend it to anyone interested in tech, sustainability and nature.