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BIG Sunflower Seeds (15+ pcs)


Extraordinary BIG Sunflowers from sunny coast of Spain.

Top Quality hand picked seeds (25 or more seeds in every order).

We planted over 15,000 GIANT sunflower seeds and grew them tall and strong. The best specimens were then carefully picked, sorted and their seeds gently hand plucked for you to use in your garden.


Here are our categories of outstanding sunflower seeds:


BIG: Easily over a meter (3 feet) tall. Quick growers with only moderate water requirements. Great to plant near other annuals.


GIANT: Over 5 feet tall. Tower over kids. Great for labyrinths in your backyard!


HUGE: Easily over 6 feet tall. Seeds from the carefully selected BIGGEST of the our most GIANT sunflowers.  These are impressive champions that will amaze visitors to your garden.


100% of the proceeds go to help worthwhile causes (green tech innovation, kids community center, etc). Currently we are very focused on helping Ukraine.

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