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Farming Green Technologies

Green Technology Showcase

Let's help promising projects make the difference

Real-world showcase for promising sustainability tech

Alella Green Tech helps young people interact with green technologies and learn to appreciate and love nature. We help them tool up with near forgotten ancient skills and the cutting edge tech-solutions they┬┤ll need to improve the planet. Micro-Robot Deployment

Learn robotics, biology, soil science, nutrition and coding with practical and fun hands-on tool - Farm.Bot in Alella Green Tech center.

Robot Lawn Mover by Ambrogio

See & control in Alella Green Tech center how automatic robot-lawnmower takes care of every type of lawn in complete autonomy and total safety.

Ubiquiti Networks Solutions

Learn how to work with various high performance networking technologies from Ubiquiti Networks. Enhance the ecosystem of wireless access points, routers, switches, security cameras, controllers and access control products at Alella Green Tech.

Shelly IoT Power Relays

Learn to control a wide range of home appliances (lights, sockets, appliances, heating, garage doors, water heaters, power lines, security systems, etc.) from anywhere with the smallest WiFi-operated relay switch by Alterco Robotics.

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