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FarmBot - Our Educational Gardening Robot

Let's teach kids gardening, basic programming, robotics, and 3D printing

FarmBot, of California, is an open source 3D printed gardening machine designed to teach robotics.

The Farmbot robot mounts and dismounts gardening tools automatically. Kids find custom tools simple to build using the supplied 3D case model and our 3D printer.

The robot is easily controlled over the internet via an intuitive web application. Young users simply drag and drop pre-coded  blocks to get the farmbot to carry out particular functions.

New gardening routines can be created by more advanced users by using the popular Lua scripting language to generate new pre-coded blocks.

The FarmBot at Alella Green Tech is available for workshops and ongoing use by schools so that young people can learn robotics, 3D printing, simple coding — and get closer to nature in the funnest of ways!

We can provide your school or group with 24 hour, time lapse video feed of your garden patch and we are available for field trips when you want to come touch and feel and ultimately HARVEST your crop!!

Over 500 K-12 schools across the United States have integrated FarmBot into their curriculum — inspiring the next generation of farmers, engineers, environmentalists, innovators, and problem solvers. More details


FarmBot provides a fun interactive way for children to learn robotics and become excited about nature. Our goal is to inspire similar installations in schools and universities and to teach the basics of green technology. We dream of a time when the back gardens of people to busy to do their own gardening are sustainable garden patches managed remotely – and harvested locally. motors

Learn: Mechatronics

Children have the opportunity to learn about basic mechanics, stepper motors, and control systems - and get their veggies too!

Farmbot Alella Green Tech workshop

Learn: Electronics

Children get introduced to the Internet of Things (IOT), home automation, and smart sensors in a real-world interactive setting by working engineers

Farmbot Alella Green Tech workshop

Learn: Sustainable Gardening/Farming

Our FarmBot uses water fertilized by our fish. Our fish eat food produced from our plants and animals, and we use sun, wind, and potential energy as power. We hope to inspire your kids to think like we do.


The entire process of gardening can be viewed and controlled over the internet making it possible for a class to control their own real-world vegetable patch from their class room.

The system can provide vital data – such as moisture, sun exposure, and soil PH so that a class can get right into the science of what makes sustainable farming possible and can make smart decision about when to water, trim, protect and finally harvest their crop.

If you’d like to offer virtual gardening and teach robotics with our FarmBot from your classroom anywhere around the world, please contact

If you are an educator with time to get involved in our quest to help kids save the world – especially if you are near Barcelona – do get in touch!

Farmbot app 2

Alella Green Tech hosts weekly introductory workshops for children and interested students at our Can Picard base in Alella.

Sign up here: Alella Green Tech events at Can Picard.

If you want to offer virtual gardening and teach robotics with our FarmBot from your classroom anywhere around the world, or for any questions, please contact

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