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Micro-Farming Robot Deployment

FarmBot Genesis v.1.5
Robotic and precision micro-farming are among the most promising methods for more efficient land use. We at Alella Green Tech installed farming robot to test autonomous growing methods.
Alella Green Tech volunteering
FarmBot is an open source agriculture CNC farming project consisting of a Cartesian coordinate robot farming machine, software and a farming data repository. In essence, it’s like a giant robot that works in an X, Y, and Z axis and uses interchangeable tools to precisely seed, weed, and water for various crops.
The device can cultivate multiple plants in the same area at the same time, and it can care for each one in an optimized, automated manner. motors


Farm.Bot is powered by four powerful NEMA 17 stepper motors, GT2 timing belts and pulleys, and a stainless steel precision leadscrew.

Farm.Bot Express Electronics


The custom electronics feature TMC2130 stepper drivers with built-in stall detection and Raspberry Pi computers for a constant web connectivity. plates

Plates and Brackets

The plates stamped and machined out of 6061 aluminum, tumble polished, sandblasted, and anodized to achieve a premium quality.

FarmBot is controlled by an Arduino Mega/RAMPS stack, along with an Internet-connected Raspberry Pi 3, NEMA 17 motors and rotary encoders. The robot is made of corrosion-resistant aluminum, stainless steel, and 3D-printed plastic components and is designed to withstand outdoor elements.
The robot will provide a fun interactive way for children to learn robotics and become excited about agriculture. This is an important demonstration project which could lead to many more installations in schools for learning and on unused land to reclaim productive use where time is currently too scarce.
FarmBot software
Growers can use their smartphone, tablet, or PC to control and configure their Genesis, and use its drag-and-drop, game-like interface to graphically design their garden. FarmBot’s sequence builder and scheduler combine the most basic operations in custom parameters for seeding and watering, and it even allows you to create complete regimens for the plant’s lifetime.
Farmbot app 2
Other features include data map storage and manipulation, access to an open plant data repository, and real-time logging. An integrated decision support system can also handle seed spacing and timing based on soil and weather conditions, sensor data, location, and time of year.


Interested to know how much food can grow with FarmBot? Read in-depth analysis based on crop needs and performance to understand expected yield.

FarmBot Cost Efficiency


FarmBot grown veggies cost less than those purchased at the grocery store. The return on investment period is estimated to be between 6 to 24 months depending on what you grow.

FarmBot Sustainability


Compared to standard EU veggies, those grown by FarmBot create 25% fewer CO2 emissions. Let's take FarmBot off-grid and the environmental benefits get even better.

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