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Water wheel technology for small farms – Lauren Daniels

This summer, I had an extraordinary opportunity to embark on a unique journey beyond the boundaries of my aerospace engineering background. As a recent graduate from CU Boulder with a passion for agriculture, I sought to broaden my horizons and gain hands-on experience in the field. This led me to Alella Green Tech, where I delved into designing a simulation tool that would help small farms use water wheel technology. Alongside my work, I had the chance to unwind and explore the beautiful surroundings of Barcelona, making this summer an unforgettable experience.

As an aerospace engineering student, I never anticipated that my path would intersect with agriculture. However, my curiosity drove me to seek diverse experiences and challenges. Alella Green Tech presented the perfect opportunity to blend my engineering skills with a passion for sustainability. Over the course of the summer, I dedicated my time to designing a tool that streamlined the process of creating water wheels, which are an excellent option for providing renewable energy to farms that are already moving water across their properties.

The project required careful analysis of various factors, including water flow, efficiency, and materials. I collaborated closely with the talented team at Alella Green Tech, leveraging their expertise in agricultural engineering to refine my designs. Through their guidance and support, I learned the intricacies of water wheel design, gaining valuable insights into the intersection of engineering and environmental consciousness.

While my days were filled with productive work at Alella Green Tech, I made sure to carve out time to explore the captivating city of Barcelona and its surroundings. The vibrant culture, stunning architecture, and picturesque beaches offered the perfect backdrop for relaxation and rejuvenation. Beyond the city limits, I seized the opportunity to explore the surrounding areas. From the enchanting vineyards of Alella to the awe-inspiring Mediterranean, every excursion allowed me to witness the diverse natural wonders that Catalonia had to offer. These adventures fostered an even deeper appreciation for the interconnectedness between agriculture, technology, and the environment.

My summer experience with Alella Green Tech was a remarkable chapter in my personal and professional journey. Through designing water wheels and collaborating with volunteers from around the world, I gained invaluable skills and insights into sustainable practices. This summer was a testament to the power of interdisciplinary learning, reminding me that stepping out of one’s comfort zone can lead to extraordinary growth and new avenues of passion.