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WEASY v.1.0

Water Management for Small Farming

Introducing WEASY v.1.0: An IoT Water Management Solution

WEASY (stands for “Water-Made-Easy”), an IoT-enabled solution designed specifically for small-scale agriculture and small land owners. Our goal is to make advanced water management tools accessible and practical with the help of corporate sponsors and volunteers.

Weasy v.1.0 will be equipped with key features:

Sensors: Inexpensive but highly reliable hall effect & pressure sensors are used to monitor water flow and the volume of water in a reservoir – be it a pond or a tank.

Controller: Our controller module can be grid, battery or solar powered and can use 4G/5G, WIFI or LoRaWAN for communications.

Visualization App: WEASY provides an easy to understand visual app which clearly shows water collection, consumption, remaining reserves, and trends.

AI recommendations: V2.0 of Weasy will provide a plethora of recommendations based on AI analysis of present and future available water, soil moisture, plant hydrological stress and other parameters.

Open-source software: Weasy’s open-source approach promotes collaboration and innovation, enabling users to benefit from a constantly evolving platform. This ensures long-term value and adaptability for our sponsors and volunteers.

Affordable and versatile hardware with LoRaWAN connectivity: Weasy incorporates cost-effective, non-proprietary components, including sensors, and related hardware that leverage LoRaWAN technology for long-range, low-power communication. This ensures wide coverage and compatibility with various systems, making it accessible for small farmers. Our commitment to affordability, flexibility, and cutting-edge technology underlines our dedication to making a meaningful impact.

Effortless installation by a dedicated team: Our staff and volunteers work together to ensure efficient and hassle-free installations, enabling users to rapidly take advantage of Weasy’s advanced water management capabilities. By emphasizing simplicity, we are committed to delivering accessible and practical solutions for our target audience.

Data Sharing: The information coming from local land is important but it is not enough:  when communities share data much more information can be deduced and forecasting is greatly enhanced.  WEASY strives to send local data to global repositories where efficient AI engines privy to global – and now local – data can accurately forecast and detect trends and relationships that humans could not decipher.  We believe farmers should not have to pay for systems that facilitate data sharing as they are providing the essential data that can help us all.

Seamless and Automated Collaboration: Weasy’s platform enables seamless data sharing among farmers, communities, and relevant stakeholders. By leveraging shared insights on water usage, crop performance, and environmental factors, users can make more informed decisions that benefit both their operations and the surrounding ecosystem. This collaborative approach fosters a data-driven culture that promotes sustainable agriculture and responsible resource management.

We are reaching out to investors, volunteers, developers, the greentech community, government agencies, sponsors, and others who share our vision. As we develop WEASY v.1.0, we welcome collaboration, support, and engagement to create a practical and impactful solution for better water management.

Join us in our efforts to make advanced water management tools accessible and useful for small-scale agriculture, contributing to sustainable practices and responsible resource management.