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Can Picard SL - Alella Green Tech

Can Picard SL

The Alella Green Tech Foundation

Can Picard SL is a family business made up of a vineyard, micro farm, agritourism facilities, and a technology consulting practice which focuses on green tech (smart sensors, solar power, IOT and water management).

Can Picard is a privately held property consisting of vineyards, fruit orchards, arable land, grazing land for farm animals, and other resources. Can Picard is also a leading member property of the Alella Green Tech association –  a group of Maresme properties, property owners and contributors that want to help create and facilitate a more harmonious existence with respect to our natural resources. 

By fostering innovation, encouraging kids to get closer to nature,  and by helping sustainable practices and products get traction,  we hope to make a difference.

Can Picard SL Operations

Can Picard SL - Alella Green Tech

Land Management

Owns, leases, and operates agricultural and rustic land in Alella

Alella Green Tech Farmbot

Technology Investment

Invests in equipment and technology infrastructure

Can Picard Vendimia 2021

Operational Management

Project manages construction of operational facilities and a single family home

Can Picard SL - Alella Green Tech

Land Sub-Leasing

Sub-leases land and facilities to Alella Green Tech for its charitable goals

Can Picard SL - Alella Green Tech

Produce Management

Produces, buys, resells plants and processed produce

Can Picard SL - Alella Green Tech

Livestock Management

Raising and caring for various types of livestock

Can Picard SL - Alella Green Tech

Events Management

Organises a wide range of events

Farmbot Alella Green Tech workshop

Tech Consulting

Provides technical consulting

Can Picard SL leases land from Martin Picard, owns and operates farming and wine making equipment, and  provides extensive resources to the Alella Green Tech Foundation.  

Can Picard SL - Alella Green Tech