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Welcome to Alella Green Tech’s Internship Program!

Every year, we welcome interns from various universities around the world who come for a variety of reasons. We are excited to offer opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students who are seeking practical experience in the field of sustainable technology and farming.

Tech-savvy interns come to Alella Green Tech to refine their practical skills while applying their academic and theoretical knowledge. Here, they discover an incredible opportunity to witness firsthand how the things they’ve studied come to life. Through carrying out engineering or creative innovation work in the field, interns gain a newfound appreciation for the usefulness of the equations and concepts they’ve learned.

Our program is open to those who are looking to complete their PhD or Master’s thesis, undergraduate junior year abroad, or undergraduate cultural experience semester. We do not typically accept students taking a gap year between high school and university.

What kind of students apply?

Our ideal candidates include students studying physics, math, engineering, environmental studies, and makers. We also welcome media creators, including photographers and filmmakers, who have a project in mind. Educators are also encouraged to apply, as we are building a community to give back to children.

We do not typically accept liberal arts majors or those without a hard skill, such as yoga instructors.

AGT Assistance

At AGT, you will be assisted and mentored by individuals who have expertise in the field and take joy in helping others implement new concepts that can help the planet become more sustainable.

For creatives in media, you will be surrounded by the beauty of nature, as well as the scars humans have inflicted upon it. You will have the opportunity to create work that suits your passions or document what you see or feel.

Application Process

Our application process is competitive, as we have limited capacity. We ask to see past projects and courses taken and listen with interest to any project idea you bring. It is not essential to have a project; you can join one of ours if you demonstrate that you can be of help. Simply email us at to apply.

Financial Considerations

It is recommended that you apply for funding from your university. We provide free lodging to those volunteering part-time and working on their projects the rest of the time. We do not charge for the experience, but you can expect to be busy for a full day, five days a week, to fit our model. We have common meals, and interns contribute to our weekly food budget in a small way. It should be very inexpensive to stay at AGT, and we have a few grants available to those who cannot afford to contribute to meals.

Join us and gain practical skills, learn from experts, and contribute to the movement towards sustainable technology and farming.