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Workshops for the Next Generation

FarmTech Engineering Workshops

Bridging Agriculture and Technology for Future Innovators

FarmBot Programming for Growing Your Own Vegetables

Our workshops, centered around the FarmBot – a cutting-edge farming robot – blend programming and gardening education. Adaptable to various grades, these sessions aim to ignite students’ interest in programming and gardening. FarmBot serves as a captivating tool for tech-savvy young individuals, especially those in urban areas with limited exposure to nature.

Participants, in varying difficulty levels, familiarize themselves with the robot, learn programming and gardening basics, and engage in hands-on activities. From easy block-programming to advanced Lua coding, students gain practical experience.

The open-source nature of FarmBot encourages students to design and build new tools, fostering creative thinking and problem-solving skills. For flexibility, the robot supports distant learning through its Web App, enabling control from anywhere. FarmBot’s imaging capabilities capture plant progress, offering visual insights into their growth.

Moreover, the modular design allows multiple schools to utilize FarmBot, dividing the field for collaborative learning experiences. This workshop series provides a unique opportunity for young learners to bridge technology, nature, and education effectively.

Over 500 schools across the United States have integrated FarmBot into their curriculum — inspiring the next generation of farmers, engineers, environmentalists, innovators, and problem solvers. Learn More 

How irrigation works

Dive into the mechanics of sustainable irrigation, combining traditional wisdom with modern techniques, and witness firsthand how green technology enhances water efficiency.

Alella Green Tech Wine Yard

Introduction to the IoT for farms

Take a deep dive into IoT applications specific to agriculture, showcasing real-world examples from our center and illustrating how data-driven decisions can transform farming landscapes.

The role of Water on a farm

Uncover the essential role water plays in sustainable farming practices, with a focus on conservation, efficient use, and how technology like the FarmBot optimizes water resources.

Pump Water Without Electricity

Explore eco-friendly alternatives for water pumping, reducing reliance on conventional energy sources and embracing sustainable solutions for agricultural needs.

3D-modeling for kids

Foster creativity in young minds through introductory 3D modeling workshops, where kids can visualize sustainable solutions and eco-friendly designs for the future.

And more..

We offer organic culinary workshops, including pizza making, bread baking, veggie burgers and more.

Join us for hands-on, sustainable cooking experiences!